Our Top 10 Gins


5th gin fire

This Spanish Gin is distilled at the Modesta Soler Distillery which has operated since 1875.

A traditional London Dry, it is the soft pink hue and highly aromatised flavour, delivered by using red berries, which sets this gin apart.

Blackberries, currants, blue berries and strawberries are all used in this delightful gin, which is the favourite of Stephen, one of our newest bar team members.

A subtle hint of balsamic also comes through.

Enjoy this with tonic and berries or with a Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade.



This fabulous small batch gin, is distilled by Ray Woolhead, in nearby Holmfirth.

Only the best quality raspberries are used to infuse Divine’s fantastic London Dry Gin, using modern distilling techniques and fresh Yorkshire spring water.

We love this gin served with a premium tonic water and mint garnish. 


Four pillars rare


This gin is really close to Atlas owners’ Mark and Elaine’s hearts.

Launching in the UK first, here at Atlas, the owners and distillers of this amazing Australian gin, have become great friends of the team here.

Distilled in the beautiful Yarra Valley, wine region, in a still named Wilma, this gin is made with some wonderful local botanicals including Tasmanian Pepper berry and Lemon Myrtle.

Best enjoyed with a premium tonic water, Fevertree Mediterranean is lovely, with an orange garnish.

Watch out for the Four Pillars Atlas Bar collaboration gin, later this year!



It is just a question of ”where” will Brockmans finish in our Top 10.

Atlas owner, Elaine, would certainly have this in her ”go to” tried and trusted, also.

This Scottish Gin was created to be smooth enough to drink, neat, over ice, and it certainly is.

The gin is distilled in a 100 year old, copper, still, and the botanicals used include: Tuscan juniper, European blueberris and blackberries, alongside Chinese liquorice and almonds.

We love this with a premium tonic, such as Walter Gregor, blueberries and a twist of pink grapefruit.


This gin is potentially the reason that gin came out from the wilderness to become the UK’s favourite spirit.

The Bennet Still that Hendricks originally used was made back in 1860. This was succeeded by a Carter-Head still in 1948 and after Charles Gordon, the great grandson of William Grant, bought the stills, in 1966, it took him 33 years to decide what to do with them!

In 1999 he hit upon a peculiar sort of deliciousness, with his partner, Lesley Gracie, by adding rose petals and cucumber to their gin.

The rest is history!

slingsby rhubarb

Mark, Atlas owner, met the Harrogate based Slingsby Team, a couple of years ago.

Naming the brand after William Slingsby who discovered the unique properties of Harrogate Spring Water, from the Tewit Well, back in 1571.

17 of the 24 botanicals used are locally sourced from the beuatiful surrounding area and 12 are from the garden of a local hotel, Rudding Park.

The addition of rhubarb to this gin has proven to be a huge hit with our customers and it is beautiful when enjoyed with tonic and grapefruit or Ginger Beer.

unit 6

This Guernsey based gin was a huge hit when we launched this new to the Manchester market in May.

Made using vacuum distillation, the gin includes bergamot, pink peppercorns, kaffir, coriander and freesia.

A balanced and clean gin, Team Atlas love this with Frntimans Mediterranean Orange Tonic, pink peppercorns and a slice of orange.



solway gin

This small batch gin is made on the West Coast of Scotland, on the Solway Coast.

Only 50 bottles are produced, per batch, and Atlas sold over half of one batch in four days!

Locally foraged botanicals are used including, coriander, orris root and angelica.

Enjoy with a premium tonic and lemon garnish.

kuro gin

This premium small batch gin was inspired an amazing friendship and a ski trip to Japan.

Distilled at Langley’s Distillery using 12 Japanese style botanicals which include Bamboo, Silver Birch Bark, Spruce Needles and cinnamon.

The most important being charcoal activated Bamboo.

Enjoy with Folkington’s premium tonic, a sprig of mint and some ginger.



Whitley Neill Rhubarb

Johnny Neill was one of the first Brand owners and distillers to visit Atlas Bar, in our early days, so we’re excited to see this Gin in top spot! He is also a direct descendent of Thomas Greenall.

This Gin was inspired by the glory of a traditional English country garden.

Keeping Whitley Neill’s signature botanical, the baobub fruit, this gin is infused with Rhubarb and combined with ginger extracts. Rhubarb brings a certain sharpness whilst the ginger gives a delicate spice and warmth to the palate.

Distilled to an ABV of 43%, we recommend that this is enjoyed with a slice of lemon, some thyme and paired with a premium tonic or ginger ale.